【UV レジン】DIYでドライフラワーを使ってピアスを作りました〜♪UV Resin -DIY Dried Flower in UV Resin Earring.

【UV レジン】DIYでドライフラワーを使ってピアスを作りました〜♪UV Resin -DIY Dried Flower in UV Resin Earring.


Reminder: Please read the instructions carefully before you use UV Resin.

Regarding Materials Sources :
・Most of the materials we used were from locate handcraft stores, but can provide links that we are using.

・Geographic reasons we can not provide links that fit everyone, but Amazon should have most of them. May take time to search, please use different keywords or switch to another online store.

・Our channel encourages inspiration through our designs and process of making. You may change partly depending on materials found. Also some tools, such as any silicone made smooth surface soft pad can replace the soft silicone pad in video.

・Hope you enjoy the process of making any piece of UV Resin Art Accessory, from finding the material sources up until the end of handcrafting. Very happy for all the comments and love. Doing our best to go through most of the comments, but please understand only can answer few of them.

Thank you very much for watching this video. Hope you enjoy it. Uploading videos every week. Please subscribe to the channel, and see you next time.


ご確認事項 : UVレジン(樹脂)を取り扱う前に商品説明をお読みください。






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